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Our New Ebook is Now on Sale!!

I’m delighted to launch our second ebook – Why You Overeat and How to Stop. In this book you will learn that you can stop overeating and finally achieve your optimum weight. I will explain why you are doing it, why you are struggling to stop and how to stop! This is a must read…

Birthday Celebrations

So excited about my birthday bash. We are going for afternoon champagne tea at the ritz and yes I do know mybirthday isn’t until March next year but I see no reason to put off party planning until then 🤪🤪👍🎉🥳xx

I Don’t Want to Be a Farmer Anymore!!

Well my lockdown vegetable growing was going perfectly- spring onions were lovely- tomatoes were abundant and delicious!! Then came the carrots….mutants is the only word!! Stubs of carrots that tasted pretty much like eating soil!! But onwards and upwards- the peppers have started to grow the tiniest little peppers you’ve ever seen so I’ll keep…

Worried About You’re Weight- Don’t Be, Just Read On….

So many of you are talking to me about how worried you are about how much weight you’ve put on, how you used to be able to lose weight easily on a diet but now you can’t or how you’ve tried everything but just can’t seem to find the motivation to stop overeating and eat…

More Pole Fun

We’re having a great time trying out new moves- some work some don’t haha!! The one I tried didn’t so I decided to have a ponder in a death defying knee hold -think teddy’s a bit bored of my stunts hahaha!! 🤪🤪🤪xx

Just Loving being Back at Pole Energy

Well it’s 10 weeks since we were allowed to get back to normal. I for one am still just loving being back in the studio 😃 We’ve welcomed everyone- old and new and have been literally making up for lost time doing everything- routines, inverts, spinner- the lot!! Quite happy with this new discovery aswell-…

Latest Harvested Crop

Well from seed these lovely things I have nurtured and check them out My spring onions 🧅 and they taste just like……. spring onions!!! I’m so proud- feel like a new mum 🤪🤪🤪🤪 x

Imagine having the most wonderful friend….

Imagine if you had the most wonderful friend in the world who saw you absolutely baking away every night in your studio. So they secretly went off and bought you the loveliest water chiller to make your life better?? Well I have that friend 😍😍🥰🥰 Emma Stenson you are amazing 🤩 thank you so much-…

Dragon Pose to Match the Weather ☀️

Well all I can say is- it’s hot!!! But my fabulous students haven’t used it as an excuse and have soldiered on 🤪🤪 So in their honour the only move worth doing this week is dragon cos I feel like I could actually breath fire this week 🔥😃😃xx

Mad Hour of Productiveness in Kitchen

You see I view when we had to go in lockdown as a flurry off successes 😃 Boredom forced me to grow veg and herbs from scratch and so now I’ve got tons of herbs! This forced me to just have a mad hour in the kitchen and voila – Hummus- tomato salsa – cheesy…