Heaton Park 10k

Emma and I have been lacking any running mojo recently so we decided we needed to inject some fun into it AKA Heaton Park 10k run… Weather was gorgeous run was hilly and we both feel tons better for it!! So onto the next event, Hmmm…..xx

Yolos weekend at Grannies

So lucky me had Yolo for the weekend . There’s no such thing as a bad day when you have yolo. 😀 Friday launched with a day in Marple chasing the ball-obvs!!!! Saturday we decided posh was the order of the day so Tatton Park it was- and a new friend- who was pretending not…

More Poling Around!

So this week we have been trying to tidy moves up and this is tidied up Taylor 🤪 One day that foot will be on my head 🤪🤪🙄🙄xx

Xmas Party

I Know it’s early but we need to get booked in before everywhere is sold out- so this years Xmas Party will be at…….. BONGOS BINGO 🎉🎉🥳🥳🤪🤪❤️❤️👊👊 It’s on Thursday 9th December and the total cost is £16. Let me know if you’re in- I need you to let me have the money no later…

Tigger is 20 today 🎉🥳xx

My most wonderful, naughty, adorable pussy cat is 20 today- happy happy birthday to him 🥳😍 As a grumpy old man he rules the roost and his favourite hobby is intimidating yolo as you can see 🤪🤪 So happy birthday mr tigger- enjoy 😊 xx

Ayesha handstand

We’re trying really hard at the studio to get new moves for everyone! Mondays mission was ayesha handstand. Needs perfecting but made me so happy to get it!! 😃xx

Cold or Hot- Weathers Gone Mad!!

I have no idea what is going on with the weather- I just know I’m very confused!! As you all know I much prefer cooler climes so here’s me getting excitedly cold weather ready and then someone told me there’s another heatwave coming!! 🙄🙄🙄🙈🙈🥲xx I just don’t know anymore……🧐🧐🙄🙄xx

Our New Ebook is Now on Sale!!

I’m delighted to launch our second ebook – Why You Overeat and How to Stop. In this book you will learn that you can stop overeating and finally achieve your optimum weight. I will explain why you are doing it, why you are struggling to stop and how to stop! This is a must read…

Birthday Celebrations

So excited about my birthday bash. We are going for afternoon champagne tea at the ritz and yes I do know mybirthday isn’t until March next year but I see no reason to put off party planning until then 🤪🤪👍🎉🥳xx

I Don’t Want to Be a Farmer Anymore!!

Well my lockdown vegetable growing was going perfectly- spring onions were lovely- tomatoes were abundant and delicious!! Then came the carrots….mutants is the only word!! Stubs of carrots that tasted pretty much like eating soil!! But onwards and upwards- the peppers have started to grow the tiniest little peppers you’ve ever seen so I’ll keep…