Challenge 9 – Flower Arranging

Well I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of this one.  As you all know I’m more of an action style person so I confess I was worried I might be a bit bored.  I could not have been more wrong……

Our teacher Heather has won many awards and is an amazing florist and thanks to my lovely friend Sally Prunty she agreed to give us all a lesson and so it was that 10 of us stood in the studio about to be budding florists.


Whilst the flowers were being prepared some of us decided to amuse ourselves…….

IMG_5113 IMG_5112IMG_5119

For those of you who are old enough I can only describe it as like being on the Generation Game – Heather demonstrated whilst talking us through making a contemporary, “linear” arrangement..

IMG_5123 IMG_5124

And then it was our turn……..

IMG_5131 IMG_5130 IMG_5129 IMG_5141 IMG_5140 IMG_5132

I can honestly say we were all absolutely engrossed – I have never known the studio so quiet.  We all worked away creating our masterpieces and were that hard at it and with such concentration none of us spoke – I know – hard to believe but it’s true!!!

It took us about an hour to finish and here are the results …….

IMG_5173 IMG_5166 IMG_5158


It really was a great experience.  We were all so chilled out and relaxed afterwards and had all managed to produce gorgeous arrangements which can only be of credit to our amazing teacher!!  So big up for flower arranging – brilliant!!! xxx