Challenge 6 – Thai Massage

Well it wasn’t supposed to happen this way but it did!!!

So Pole Energy were on our road trip to Tenerife with 12 of us out for some fun!!  We were all busy sunning ourselves on the beach in Costa Adeji when who should come along -the Thai Massage ladies – Obviously!!!

As some of the group had never had a massage before and the rest of us thought why not, it would have seemed rude not to sample their wares – especially bearing in mind that Thai Massage was one of the things on my 50 things to do in a year challenge…..

So down to business – we all lay on our sunbeds and one by one she started to work her way through us all.


Everything was going fine – that is until it came to Sam….

Sam being new to massage couldn’t wait – she lay down, the lady covered her in oil and then suddenly grabbed all her kit, legged it down the beach, threw herself behind a sunbed, crouched down and hid!!!  We were all a bit gobsmacked until we spotted the policeman on his bike beckoning the women over!!!  Sam at this stage is covered in oil and can’t really move.

The said massage ladies then spent 20 minutes with policeman before in fairness returning to finish Sams massage-albeit a 100 euro fine lighter!!!

So as can be seen Sam below is in the middle of her non massage with said policeman in background – hilarious!!!