Challenge 5 – 50th Birthday Party…….xx

So the day of the much looked forward to, planned and long awaited party arrived – along with 6 inches of snow!!!!!

We had arrived back from Tenerife at 12pm the night before to torrential rain so how could we have predicted we would be covered in snow 8 hours later with it still falling in droves!!!

First problem was getting the car off the drive to go and collect the cake -second problem was driving to said cake shop – third problem was my phone ringing off the wall from guests who probably wouldn’t be able to make it due to snow!!!

Not to be deterred I set off and got to the cake shop albeit very slowly and the cake was absolutely perfect – just what I had wanted!!!

5 6

It was then off to decorate the venue with the lovely Emma.  Snow hampered progress but it was not until we got to Marple Cricket Club the fun really started.  I managed to get the car up the long driveway where it finally got stuck at the top of the hill in approximately 10 inches of snow and would not budge!!!  Only thing for it was to get on my hands and knees and start shovelling snow out of the way then reverse back down -no easy feat I can tell you!!!  Having done this and finally got in the venue I was then advised by the Manager that there was currently no buffet as the staff could not get to work because of the snow!!!  At this point I stopped stressing working on the basis that as it seemed no people were going to arrive anyway no buffet didn’t matter!!

Room decorated we headed home to get our gorgeous dresses on together with wellies and hoodies – AND THEN – the rain came and literaly started to melt the snow away before our very eyes!!!!  The party was back on – the buffet would be done and it was time!!!

Everyone started to arrive….


At my request the music was motown and 70’s, the dance floor was rocking, the food was gorgeous and the drink was flowing…


My lovely son Wayne gave a gorgeous speech, candles were blown on the cake and we had a dance to the only tune it could have been ….Dignity, Deacon Blue!!



The whole night went in a blur for me and I can only thank everyone who came for making it so special – I had an amazing time with all my awesome friends and family – like I said in my speech i didn;t make a wish when I blew the candles out because I already have everything anyone could ever want – the best job, family and friends anyone could ever have xxxx