Challenge 3 -Plaster Casting Part of Your Body……

Well I think it is fair to say this was an absolute disaster….BUT…..the funniest disaster ever!!!


So we met at the studio with paster casting kits at the ready!!! The first part was to make the mould of your body part -the kit said put your body part in the mould and it takes 30-60 seconds to set…..LIE NO !!!!  We were sat round the fire trying to speed the process up for over 5 mins!!


It also said the best way to make the mould is to do it in a plastic bag – LIE 2!!!  It was running out of the bag, not staying put around the body part and generally rubbish!!

The mould was finally set….ish so we took it off –  where it promptly fell apart!!

IMG_4156 IMG_4157IMG_4158 IMG_4159

We decided on the second go to do the mould in the mixing bowl – but because it took so long to set Emma got bored and had her hand resting on the bottom of the tub – result-very holey mould!!

IMG_4162 IMG_4161IMG_4164 IMG_4163

The kit said to plug any holes in your mould with blu tac…..There is not enough blu tac in the world to plug our moulds!!!!


Anyway not to be deterred we went on to mix the plaster for which it said use scales or the “by eye” technique,  As we had no scales and by this stage Costa coffee seemed far more important than plaster casting we opted for the “by eye” technique..

IMG_4169 IMG_4170

.plaster made we duly poured into moulds and watched as it all poured out the other end!!!


The only option left was to lie them on their sides and shovel the plaster in as best we could!!  Moulds left to dry and we went to costa!!

IMG_4173 IMG_4174 IMG_4171

So the next day – we checked the fruits of our labours…..mine wasn’t to bad apart from the missing top of my hand and dislocated thumb!!  Emma fared slightly worse with only half her fingers moulded -this wouldn’t have been too bad – if her little finger hadn’t fallen off!!

IMG_4259 IMG_4260

I can honestly say we never stopped laughing from start to finish and had a brilliant time – but plaster casting is definitely not easy hahaha!! xx