Challenge 27-Pole Energy’s World Book of Records

What we wanted to do was get into the Guinness Book of Records with some mad pole extravaganza. This was not as easy as anticipated- the rules, regulations and governing of the event were just all too much!

This did not mean giving up so it was decided that we would make a new book – and we did – The Pole Energy World Book of Records!!

Basically I decided to run an inter-class competition involving all students which allowed them to compete against each other to see who ruled supreme!

In total we had 11 categories and every student had to perform the challenges under strict supervision. Results were then recorded and stored securely in a Swiss bank vault until the week of competing was complete.

And so to the results……

well I could not have predicted them I have to say and I reckon some of the girls had a bit of a shocker aswell – Check out leanne’s foot and Lucy’s face!!!!!

1. Non stop climbing Winners

1st Place – Leanne Parkinson, Wednesday Class – 20 completed

2nd Place -Kayliegh Marbella, Sunday Class – 16 completed

3rd Place -Claire Breegan and Courtney Roberts, both Monday Classes -12 completed

2. Arm dangle – Winners

1st Place – Kirsty Smith, Tuesday class – 7 seconds

2nd Place – Jo Stephenson, Wednesday Class – 6 seconds

3rd Place -Gina Grace, Anna Johnstone and Karen Jarvis, Tuesday and Wednesday Classes – 5 Seconds

3.  Alternating straight leg sit- Winners

1st Place – Gina Grace, Wednesday Class – 23 completed

2nd Place – Anita Davies, Wednesday Classes -20 completed

3rd Place -Jess Riley, Monday Class – 14 completed

4.  Abs leg lift -Winner

1st Place – Anna Johnstone, Wednesday Class – 13 completed

2nd Place – Gina Grace, Lucy Sawden and Claire Darlington, Monday and Wednesday Classes -8 completed

3rd Place -Courtney Roberts, Monday Class – 7 completed

5.  Non stop Spinathon – Winner

1st Place – Briar Adair, Thursday Class – 28 completed

2nd Place – Louise Wilson, Thursday Classes -27 completed

3rd Place -Stacey Copeland, Thursday Class – 19 completed

6.  Non stop cartwheel legs – Winner

1st Place – Leanne Parkinson, Wednesday Class – 41 completed

2nd Place -Kirsty Smith, Wednesday Classes -35 completed

3rd Place -Emma Brereton and Jo Stephenson, Sunday and Wednesday Classes – 30 completed

7. Non stop crucifix – Winner

1st Place – Holly German, Thursday Class – 18 completed

2nd Place – Claire Breegan and Claire Dickens, Monday Classes -15 completed

3rd Place -Courtney Roberts, Monday Class – 4 completed

8.  Scorpio to Gemini swap – Winner

1st Place – Gina Grace, Wednesday Class – 8 completed

2nd Place – Kirsty Wheeler, Wednesday Classes -5 completed

3rd Place -Claire Breegan, Monday Class – 3 completed

9. Non stop shoulder mount – Winner

1st Place – Gina Grace, Wednesday Class – 11 completed

2nd Place – Kirsty Wheeler, Wednesday Classes -5 completed

3rd Place -Anna Johnstone, Wednesday Class – 2 completed

10. Plank hold – Winner

1st Place – Holli German, Thursday Class – 3 mins

2nd Place -Leanne Parkinson, Wednesday Class – 2.45 mins

3rd Place -Jo Stephenson and Stacey Copeland, Wednesday and Thursday Classes -2.15 mins

11.  Clump pole carrying a student – Winner


It was a brilliant week and a massive well done to not just the winners but to all my lovely students. Everyone threw themselves into the challenge and worked so hard.

Super impressive ladies and the good news is I’ve decided we’re going to do it every 6 months so you can check your progress!! Xx