Challenge 2 -Ice Skating

Well this was emotional,,,,,


The day started with Michelle Knocking my front door down at 7.15am all done up and ready to go disco ice skating!!!!  She had been up since 5am getting ready,,,,,only problem being she was 12 hours too early!!  Difficult to believe I know but she thought we were going disco ice skating at 8am in the morning!!!!

Anyway the day went on and everyone was getting ill and cancelling but after a stop start of “are we aren’t we” eventually Zoe, Sam, Gemma, Jo and Myself made it to the ice rink!!!

IMG_3975 IMG_3969 IMG_3968

Jo and Gemma and Sam were like skating on ice stars -and that left me and Zoe……

IMG_3977 IMG_3979 IMG_3982

Whilst there was a there was a distinct lack of disco tunes – unless you count Eminem by the end of it we were all pros hahahaha!!

IMG_3981 IMG_3980

Was a brilliant night and we’re all taking up ice skating now hahaha!!



Next challenge is…………………????