Challenge 13 -Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga – basically this is a 1.5 hour intense yoga class which you do in a room that is heated up to sauna temperatures……………..and you get to look like him???!!!


Apparently, according to it’s boasts, if we do this we will achieve ‘lasting health and happiness’ – so, no question – we had to give it a go!!!

Kirsty, Anita and Myself cranked the car roof down and left Stockport in the blazing sunshine – destination Northern Quarter….


We got parked up and after a little round the block detour (we left the navigation to Kirsty!!??!!)  we eventually found the venue –


Unfortunately after this point there are no more piccies as you can’t take the phones inside because they would melt in the heat!!

We got changed and clutching mats and water we went into the studio…………….it was like entering a sauna when someone requests that the heat is turned up – just breathing was an exercise in itself!!  The instructor then gets her headphones on and for the next hour talked us through various breathing and stretching poses.

We were given strict instructions that you were not allowed to talk or communicate with anyone and only allowed to sip water when given permission!!

I kid you not everyone, us included, had water dripping off them into puddles on the floor – no it was not a pleasant sight and it was not a pleasant experience either! The final straw came when Kirsty was feeling really dizzy and had to sit down.  I turned round and asked her if she was ok and was promptly told off for communicating with someone else!! We did a vote, gave our secret code signal, grabbed our mats and legged it!!!

We had stuck it out for an hour which given the circumstances was definitely medal worthy and so we hightailed it back to the safety of Stockport where we all agreed we definitely know how to put the fun into exercise, something Manchester seem to be missing!!!  x