Challenge 11 – The Jeremy Kyle Show

The day dawned, the birds were singing, the sun was shining..ish, this was it – the day had arrived for us to rock down to Media City and take our places in the Audience of the Jeremy Kyle Show!!!

Michelle, Mel, Namita, Emma, Lisa and myself were booked and ready…..poor Emma and Lisa had to work in the morning but for the rest of us it was trains, trams and taxi’s to ITV3.


Everything was going fine until the text landed – Namita had forgotten her ID -so it was an about turn for her back to Bolton to collect said document.  In fairness it had to be one of us and I was just delighted it wasn’t me for a change!!!

Being the wonderful friend she is however she had already booked us a table for lunch at On The 7th Members Club so it would have been rude if we hadn’t gone on to await her arrival!


Namita eventually arrived, ID safely in handbag so it was a quick drink……


Little bathroom selfie……


And then downstairs for 1.45pm to meet Emma and Lisa in the priority queue kindly arrange by the lovely Lisa..


Gradually however it dawned on us that the lovely VIP treatment we had received up to this point was not going to actually assist us whatsoever as 2pm came and went, 2.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm all vanished…finally at 4pm (and no we have no clue why the delay) we were led into the studio…


Now we had been told that all phones had to be turned off  – but – where’s the fun in that??? so we managed to get one or two sneaky pics before the show started –


So to the show………

Well it didn’t quite go as anticipated.  Only we could end up with the really sad stories with not a DNA, lie detector or fight anywhere to be seen.  However the woman who was kicking her husband out rather than her two pigs did slightly make up for any disappointment!!!!

We had a great day and a massive thank you to Lisa for getting the tickets for us xxx