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The Diet Remedy

The Diet Remedy

The Diet Remedy

Some journeys don’t have endings. You just reach the beginning and that’s a really good place to be.

What is the Diet Remedy?

Our mission is to educate everyone that DIETS DO NOT WORK and are actually one of the main reasons for your weight gain. The Diet Remedy is a programme which will provide you with all the information you need to remove the blinkers and discover that the consequences of food deprivation are always the same whether or not the calorie restriction is voluntary. Once you stop giving your body the food it needs the following processes WILL occur –

  • Your metabolic thermostat will turn down so you burn less calories
  • You will lose muscle mass – as muscle burns calories you will burn less
  • You will exhaust your adrenal glands which assist your metabolism so again you will burn less calories

The list goes on but the bottom line is the minute you embark on a low calorie diet of any kind you may initially see a weight loss however this will be very short term. Your body needs a certain amount of nutrients per day – if it does not get these it will immediately revert to survival mode and start to store fat so it is available for the future. So the question is If I don’t diet how do I lose the weight – the answer is ‘The Diet Remedy’.


The eBook

The Diet Remedy will free you from dieting so you can start to live a happy, healthy life once and for all and YOU WILL SHED YOUR EXCESS POUNDS. Everything you need to know is contained in our ebook which is just £2.50.

BUY IT NOW on Kindle and start your diet free life for good!

Why become a member?

We understand that The Diet Remedy will be a big change for a lot of people. It takes a leap of faith to throw away everything you have ever thought about dieting and try something new. This is why we have set up a powerful support system to help you on your journey. Aswell as our ebook providing you with all the information you need we have a monthly members only area. In here you will find all the support you need including daily menu ideas, recipes, exercise challenges, your personal record area and much more. Most importantly you have access to the area 24 hours a day so you don’t have to worry about trailing to meetings every week or missing out if you can’t get there!

Unlike other weight loss groups there is no joining fee and the monthly subscription is only £9.95-great value for money and much cheaper than Slimming World for MUCH MORE!

Sign up today for just £9.95 £4.95* per month

*We are currently developing additional features within our members area so we are offering a reduced price subscription whilst we create our system. Sign up today for just £4.95 and start benefiting from our daily menu ideas, recipes and exercise challenges.

The Diet Remedy

How to Join

Simply click on the subscribe button below to pay via Paypal and we will be in touch with your personal login details so you can access our daily meal plans, menus, exercise challenges and more.