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Manchester's first dance and nutrition academy


X Stage Pole Podium



  • EASY To Use
  • Requires NO WEIGHTS
  • SIMPLE To Erect & Dismantle

The podium is circular with a 5'3" diameter. It is not square with corners and flat sides reducing the dance area - and 1600mm is the ideal size.... so you don't fall off the edge!!


  • Rounded stage edge -no sharp edges to hurt the dancer during moves or floor work.
  • Fully foldable - main frame folds into a 900x350x200mm bag with wheels.
  • 2 complete X-Stages will easily fit in a standard car.
  • Stage Floor Panels - 6 easy to fit panels that just lock into place (no tools needed). Supplied in 3 carry bags for storage and transportation. (The panels shown in the pictures are without floor covering).
  • Pole Tube - there is a 50mm x 1500mm (1.98" X 60") main section, then add an extension to suit the height of your room. Not a one piece, cut to length, difficult to transport pole tube which has to be totally changed for different height rooms.
  • X-Stage standard height is 112" (2850mm) which gives 8'2" (2500mm) of dance pole above the stage floor.
  • Static and Spinning - Spinning is included as standard at no extra cost - it is not an optional extra!! As with all X-Poles a simple tightening of 2 screws locks or unlocks the pole to change mode from static to spinning. Using extra large industrial bearings the spinning mode is astoundingly smooth and free.
  • Stability - extremely stable even with no additional weight. All standard spins can be done without extra weight
  • Extension Stabilisers - these extend the frame diameter profile to 2.4m overall increasing stability without the need for weight. (Included)
  • Weight Posts - allow for the addition of easy to carry bar bell weights.
  • Adjustable Feet - to take out any floor undulations and reduce movement.
  • Silicone Pads - purpose designed silicone frame pads stop the stage sliding and protect the floor from damage
  • Side covers - comes with wrap round side covers. These can be supplied as an option in Plain Black for personal artwork/customization.
  • Wheeled Carry Case - to take the hassle out of moving the main frame from the car to the venue X-STAGE comes with a wheeled carry case.
  • The stage panels also are supplied in carry cases as are the pole sections.