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Mighty Grip Anti Slip Hand Grip Powder


Mighty Grip anti slip hand grip powder is a thermoplastic powder grip designed for your hands.It is used where grip is needed most in sports as it keeps your hands dry under stress and heat.When sprinkled on hands tackiness when you make a fist, however, the powder will not pill or transfer and can easily be removed with soap and water.Mighty Grip will put you in control of your grip.Each small bottle contains 1⁄4 oz of powder. Just a sprinkle of powder is needed per application. Please use the powder sparingly as a little goes a long way and one small bottle will last numerous applications.Ideal for use in many sports including golf, weight lifting, hockey, racquet sports, baseball and the innovative art of pole dancing.It leaves no unsightly marks on your clothing and will allow you to gain extra grip when performing difficult moves.